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12. Ghost Bridge (Florence, AL) Last, but most definitely not least, is the haunting of Jackson Ford Bridge, properly nicknamed Ghost Bridge. This spot already appears terrifying and haunted simply by its dilapidated and decayed appearance ALABAMA: I-65 over US-11 Railroad in Jefferson County. Percent of state bridges classified as structurally deficient: 8.2%. Cost of needed state bridge repairs: $254.8 million

Unlike the Golden Gate Bridge, Seven Mile Bridge or Royal Gorge Bridge, it is scary for a different reason other than size. View: The Scariest Places in America The bridge, also known as Emily's. The bridge was situated in Virginia beach in the year of 1960. Its total length is 37,015 m and the bridge is 23 m high. The bridge is considered the single scariest bridge in America because of large tunnels. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is creating fear among the Baltimore , Maryland, and Washington, DC drivers who use it daily

The site is beneath the Alabama Highway 134 bridge over the Choctawhatchee River. A stretch of Highway 5 between Natural Bridge and Jasper is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a teenage girl. 10 of the World's Scariest Bridges. Oct. 27, 2017 Bridge Masters Bridge Design. It's the time of year when people face their fears of ghosts, goblins, haunted houses, and long, tall, icy, high, rickety, foggy, stormy, wobbly, scary bridges. For many people, bridges cause fear and panic. There's even a term for it: gephyrophobia Refuge Bridge County Road 32 over Walnut Creek Clanton. Stories of this rural, one lane bridge being haunted have spread across the internet for years. The only published source on this bridge, Rich Newman's 2016 Haunted Bridges, appears to draw from these unverified reports. Visitors to the bridge at night are supposed to encounter ghost. 7 Most Terrifying Places in Alabama, As Seen on TV. 1. Old Cahawba, Deep South Paranormal, May 2013. Alabama has had four capitals since it became a state in 1819: Huntsville was temporary. Road Revenants—Haunted Alabama Roads & Bridges Along Alabama's roadways and bridges, people sometimes experience strange activity. From lonely Cry Baby Bridges to apparitions, phantom coaches, and strange bridges, this article looks at a selection of hauntings throughout the state

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  1. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is situated in Maryland. The extension is almost 200 feet high and stretches 4.3 miles over the Chesapeake Bay. Because of the scaffold's huge stature above untamed water and length of the extension, numerous drivers have detailed having alarm assaults while driving over this steepest bridge in the US, including their vision burrowing and dreading a total loss of.
  2. Creepy true story of a haunted bridge that once stood near Lookout Mountain, Alabama. Written by Irran Butler. I live four miles out of town on a narrow county road, which connects two high traffic paved roads. On my road there is an old iron railed bridge, which has a wooden plank floor, and it makes a very distinct and creepy sound when a car.
  3. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland reaches nearly 200 feet in certain parts and measures 4.3-miles long from end to end - and for some motorists, getting.
  4. Ghost Bridge Florence, Alabama Properly called Jackson Ford Bridge, there are currently plans to demolish the bridge due to vandalism and decay making for a safety hazard. Of course if people start dying, that will just add to its reputation as a haunted spot, so possibly Darwinism should be allowed to take place here. There..
  5. The bridge was built in 1916 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990, but vandals burned it to the ground on June 2, 2001. The spirit of a slave who was hanged nearby is said to have haunted the bridge, though it is unclear whether he has continued to... Read More. Categories: Real Haunted Bridges & Overpasse

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  1. Ok, so let's get right down to the haunted bridge locations! Here are some places that I think you should add to your supernatural travel list. Cry Baby Bridge Locations (1) Cry Baby Bridge Alabama, Saraland. You can find Cry Baby Bridge Alabama on Kali Oka Road - just pass dead man's bend - in Saraland
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  3. The Cry Baby Bridge in Saraland A brief explanation of the story is that there was a war going on a long time ago. A woman who lived near by in the Oak Grove..
  4. Years before the bridge was built across the Elk River, the story of Hannah Ward was already told around the fires at night. Hannah and her husband moved into the area back in the early 1800s. They settled on a piece of land that overlooked the Elk river, and built a home. Life was good for the young couple as they worked to build their future.

At an absurd 12,500 feet above sea level, this short bridge blows away the competition in terms of height. As small as it may be, this bridge comes with views that few others can hope to compete with Haunted Bridge Gadsden, Alabama 34.5 miles from Section, AL. Alabama has a lot of haunted bridges. A LOT. And when you are a state who apparently decides a bridge needs to be replaced with a new one, and then moves the old one to a brand new location you can kind of understand how lots of bridge wrecks and. ALABAMA: Hell's Gate Bridge. The bridge. Whether haunted, cursed, or completely harmless, the statue is definitely a somber sight to see. KANSAS: The Devil's Chair. The chair is located in Alma Cemetery. sonnee101/Shutterstock The legend of the Devil's Chair goes like this: An old farmer in Alma refused to sell his land to the city in order.

The Old Naheola Bridge in Pennington, Alabama, scared locals when it was in use, and is now simply an eyesore. The Old Naheola Bridge. Google Maps. The Old Naheola Bridge made car website Jalopnik's list of most hated bridges in the US, coming in eighth place. While it closed in 2000, it was one of the only bridges in the country that. The trip was made easier by the Alabama Department of Transportation allowing the bridge to be moved down the northbound lanes of Interstate 59, which are closed for repair, rather than having to go down U.S. Highway 11 to its new home at the intersection of U.S. Highway 431/278 and Cleveland Avenue at Five Points in Attalla Examples of truss construction on covered bridges include Howe, Town Lattice, Queen-post, King-post, Haupt, Burr, Brown and Pratt. Of the existing historic covered bridges in Alabama, the Gilliland-Reese Covered Bridge and the Old Union Crossing Covered Bridge are classified as non-authentic based on their current construction. Name. Image

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Alabama, Jefferson County, I-65 over U.S. 11 Railroad City Streets, built in 1970. Hillsborough County, I-293 over N. Bridge Piscataquog River, built in 1957. New Jersey, Union County, Garden. Old US 31 Bridge (Jefferson County, Alabama) Bridge replaced by new bridge in 1976. Concrete stringer bridge over Five Mile Creek on an abandoned alignment of US 31. Open to pedestrians. Overbrook Road Bridge (Jefferson County, Alabama) Built 1935. Concrete arch bridge over Golf Cart Road on Overbrook Road in Birmingham verify-bridge-2. One zoom and we know it's not in the U.S. Based off the symbols it's likely in Asia. So let's jump to Google. We typed in Asia, Bridge, and Steep, and we immediately get results, First, a 2015 Video of the Eshima Ohashi bridge. The bridge in the video matches the one in the image. So pop that name - Eshima Ohashi.

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Most of the haunted bridges in Indiana have the sounds of hoofbeats (i.e. Headless Horseman) resonating through them. We also have a few of the Cry Lady (or Cry Baby) bridges,where the child was supposedly swept away in flood waters and the mother still looms looking for said child.And even one or two where a worker was entombed in an. The 88-foot bridge, Brown said, is supposedly haunted by the ghost of the former outlaw sheriff of Sumter County, Steve Renfroe. He was basically a scoundrel. He stole money from the county's. Clanton, Alabama Bridge in Refuge The Refuge Bridge haunt is pretty intense. The bridge in Refuge appears to be haunted. It is a one-lane bridge located in a very isolated place. People who visit the bridge in Refuge report balls of light and feelings like someone is following t Alabama: Dead Children's Playground Why it's creepy: This eerie playground adjacent to Maple Hill, Huntsville's oldest cemetery, doesn't just have an eerie nickname for fun.The playground was. In many of the scariest photos of the bridge, a shoreline can be seen in the foreground. Those photos were taken a good distance away at another part of the lake

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Hell's Gate Bridge, Oxford AL-This bridge has earned this name because it is said if you stop on the bridge and turn around, the road behind you looks like the fiery gates of Hell. Many years ago, a young couple lost their lives on this bridge. On a dark night, if you stop on the bridge and turn off all the lights, a member of the couple will get into the vehicle with you, leaving a wet spot. But Alabama also boasts several unique urban legends that many of us have heard since childhood, including some that gave us chills. Below is a list of 10 popular myths. Tell us which spooky tales. 'Haunted Bridge' arrives at new home in Attalla Haunted Places in Auburn, Alabama Old Train Depot. Near Auburn, there is an old abandoned train depot. It is said that if you go in there, no matter where you go, you always come back to the spot where you came in. University Chapel. Haunted by a confederate soldier

For some knee-wobbling appreciation, take a drive, walk or crawl across 14 of the most frightening suspension bridges in the world -- from the beautiful Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado to China's. Advertisement. Let's take a look at 10 notable haunted places in Alabama. 10. Boyington Oak, Mobile. The Boyington Oak in Mobile, a Southern live oak that reportedly grew from the grave of Charles Boyington in the potter's field just outside the walls of Church Street Graveyard. Boyington was tried and executed for the murder of his friend. Camax - Mill Bridge - This is a very old bridge with one lane and steel overhead, located on the Country Club road north of Jasper, Al. It has been haunted by the ghost of Moon Mullins for years. She died on the bridge under strange circumstances over 75 years ago Daily Mountain Eagle 1301 Viking Drive Jasper, AL 35501 205-221-284 For most, the Mackinac Bridge probably doesn't look like the scariest bridge, especially compared to some of the rural rope walkways and decaying bridges. But when you're crossing the 5-mile stretch of the bridge and can see the true height you're at, especially on a windy day, you might get more than a little spooked

Camax - Mill Bridge - This is a very old bridge with one lane and steel overhead , located on the Country Club road north of Jasper, Al. It has been haunted Covered Bridge Trail - Alabama Travel Athens Alabama business directory and local information. October - 5th, 12th , 14th, 19th - Haunts Walks more Bayview Bridge Village Falls Cemetary Bayou La Batre Bayou La Batre Jail Gwodz Rd. Bellville Bush Upton's House Birmingham Bass Cemetary Old Public Library Parkwood Apartments on 4th Ave South Sicard Hollow Road Sloss Furnace Bonneville Owsley County Elementary School Boulder Court House Brewton County Court House Camax Mill Bridge Camp Hill. My name is Faith Serafin and I am the director of the Alabama Paranormal Research Team located in south-east Alabama. I am also a published author of several history related and paranormal publications. Haunted Auburn and Opelika, Haunted Columbus Georgia -Phantoms of the Fountain City, Haunted Montgomery Alabama, and currently, Wicked Phenix City Haunted or not, the bridge on Pleasant Hill Road over Black Creek soon will be replaced. The one-lane steel truss and wooden bridge was built in 1930, Etowah County Engineer Tim Graves said. The bridge has had a weight limit for several years preventing school buses, fire trucks and other heavy vehicles from crossing it

A44, United Kingdom. Responsible for a large number of head-on collisions, A44 runs from Oxford to Aberystwyth in the United Kingdom. While it might seem like your normal, everyday thoroughfare, the A44 has a trick up its' sleeve which catches many drivers off guard; A44 actually changes which side of the road is driven on, causing confusion - and ultimately accidents - for many. Haunted History of the Shoals Ghost Walk, Florence, AL. 5,832 likes · 3 talking about this · 156 were here. Ghost Walk Tours of Downtown Florence and Downtown Sheffield Alabama Built entirely out of stone in 1820, the oldest bridge in South Carolina is also one of the state's most haunted spots. The Poinsett Bridge is believed to be frequented by the ghost of a man who. Letlone from Montgomery, Alabama Hey we counted 13 going and 12 coming back on 13 bridges road. Which was in Macon County, Alabama. It was much more spooky than 7 bridges road. We were always told that 7 bridges road was Woodley Rd. In Montgomery, Alabama. Mike from Montgomery 13 bridges road was in Macon county near the dog track. Currently. California is the location of many supposedly haunted locations.Notable locations with reputations for being haunted include Alcatraz, the former Ocean Liner RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, El Adobe de Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano, and the Winchester Mystery House.. Colorado. Pioneer Park in Aspen is reportedly haunted by the ghost of Harriet Webber, wife of its builder, who died of what.

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The Cry Baby Hollow Story. True to its name, most of the stories surrounding the bridge involve the tragic death of an infant. Some say its mother threw it into the creek, others that a wagon tipped over and a baby rolled from the wagon into the water. These urban legends are fairly typical, and you might even have a variation of them in your area These may be real ghost stories, and they might just be scary legends of the South. While the legend of Huggin' Molly in Abbeville, Alabama, is a kid-friendly ghost story, the Ghosts of the LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana, are some of the scariest souls in the South The Haunted Bridge of Lookout Mountain (Ghost Stories) Creepy true story of a haunted bridge that once stood near Lookout Mountain, Alabama. Written by Irran Butler. True Nature (Horror Stories) Animal fable The Scorpion and the Frog is retold as a North Carolina horror/suspense thriller by Kyle Moore. The Organ Player (Ghost Stories Scary Drive Across Bridge in Canada. Menu. January 16, 2020. The Canso Causeway was covered in water and debris as cars tried to make their way across during stormy weather in Nova Scotia

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North of Mobile, the town of Saraland is a haunted location all its own. The Kali Oka Road Spook Light has been seen countless times, illuminating the dark dirt road it bobs along. Then there is the infamous Cry Baby Bridge, where more than a few firsthand reports describe the eerie wailing of an infant and the apparition of a woman April 17, 2021. The Ruyi Bridge in China sits high above a ravine and looks so scary, some think it's not real. Now Playing. Vertigo-Inducing Bridge Now a Tourist Hotspot. 00:51 The 10 Most Haunted Roads in Florida. Table of Contents [ Show Table of Contents] 1 10) Chapman Road - Oviedo, FL. 2 9) Greenbriar Road - Jacksonville, FL. 3 8) Chuluota Road - Chuluota, FL. 4 7) Interstate 4 - DeBary, FL. 5 6) Girvin Road - Jacksonville, FL. 6 5) Celery Avenue - Sanford, FL

Haunted Places - USA - Alabama. Unless a listing is from personal knowledge all information for haunted places in Alabama has been supplied by visitors to our web site and thus we cannot vouch for its accuracy or authenticity. If a correction is needed for any entry please let us know HISTORIC COURTLAND ALABAMA. These are some houses in the historic district of Courtland Alabama. Courtland is home to one of the first southern railroads. One of the South's First Railroads - 1832 Seeking a means . Article by Mitchell Jewell. 15. Rocky Hill Lawrence County Tennessee River Sweet Home Alabama Southern Style Abandoned.

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A bridge in New York City that connects the boroughs of Queens and Manhattan is rumored to connect the world of the living with the netherworld of the dead. Most fittingly, the very bridge carries the infernal name of Hell Gate Bridge. The body of water known as Hell Gate is a tidal strait on the East River that is in contention with the waters. Cinemark Bridge Street and XD, Huntsville. 20,846 likes · 301 talking about this · 170,246 were here. Monaco Pictures is a revolutionary new upscale movie entertainment experience. Visit.. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps

If you know of a haunted place that is not listed , please read the info below on how to add a place and submit it, thank you and enjoy the page. With your help, this can be one of the largest listings of haunted places on the net. It already has 1000's of haunted sites listed. We can't guarantee that all of the places that are listed are haunted The Covered Bridge. Located on Colville Road. Haunted by a young girl who was killed in a wreck with her boyfriend. They were coming home from prom and were going to stop at the bridge. You can.

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Hell's Gate Bridge, Oxford AL-This bridge has earned this name because it is said if you stop on the bridge and turn around, the road behind you looks like the fiery gates of Hell. Many years ago, a young couple lost their lives on this bridge. On a dark night, if you stop on the bridge and turn off all the lights, a member of the couple will get into the vehicle with you, leaving a wet spot. Hauntings. Reports of paranormal activity at the bridge seems to be mostly folklore. There have been two confirmed deaths at this location, which were of a couple who died in an accident. The most popular local tale tells that if you stop on the bridge and look behind you, the road appears to look like the fiery gates of hell Florence, Alabama. : Ghost Bridge (Gone) Deteriorated one-lane wood/metal bridge had been a magnet for every local rumor of murder, witchcraft, and depraved activity. The county finally axed it in 2013. Directions: Going north on Hwy 20, make a right onto Co Rd 200. After about a mile, make a right on Co Rd 282 If you know of a haunted place that is not listed , please Post following info: name of place , location (city & state), etc. brief description of the haunting(s). Website Online Counter. Bridge in Refuge - Clanton,Alabama There's this bridge in a place called Refuge. It's a small, one-lane bridge in the middle of nowhere. If you go there.

Florence: Different haunted sites - There is a place called Ghost Bridge in North Florence, a scary burnt down plantation in the Forks of Cypress area, the Bellmont Plantation in Tuscumbia, and an Indian mound near the banks of the Tennessee River in Florence. (Thanks to Teresa for providing me with this information. DeSoto Caverns is Alabama's Big Cave & More! Including options for family fun, birthday parties, school groups, field trips, scouting trips, overnights, outdoor adventure, and more! Our park is packed with rides, attractions, and tours, there's fun for everyone The bridge in question is the Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan which connects two cities separated by a lake. So in order to allow ships to pass underneath it, the bridge was designed to be tall. Just not as tall as it appears. There is a 6.1% gradient on one side of the bridge and a 5.1% gradient on the other side

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HAUNTED PLACES IN ALABAMA: CAMAX - GUNTERSVILLE: Author: 55408 Category:(Hauntings) Created:(10/7/2004 10:56:00 PM) This post has been Viewed (10976 times) Camax - Mill Bridge - A very old bridge, one lane, steel overhead, located on the Country Club road north of Jasper, Al. Has been haunted by the ghost of Moon Mullins for years Refuge Bridge in Alabama Said to be Haunted by a Dark Presence Spirit Box Session Ovilus 5 EVP. by admin 4 years ago 182 Views. 19:34. THE LADY ON THE BRIDGE. by admin 2 months ago 12 Views. 51:02 (ABANDONED HAUNTED HOUSE IN ALABAMA) Our Haunted Adventures in Alabama. by admin 1 year ago 56 Views

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The Kymulga Grist Mill, Covered Bridge and Park are of significant historical, educational and recreational value. Located on Grist Mill Road four miles northeast of Childersburg, Alabama, the mill and bridge are over one hundred forty years old. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, they are the only pair of such structures in Alabama that still stand where they were originally. The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road. Located between Princeton & Millikin Roads in Liberty Township, the Screaming Bridge is the home of several mysterious tales. The bridge spans the mainline that has had many names since the 1870's -the Short Line, Big Four, New York Central, Conrail, Penn Central, and now, Norfolk Southern

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The area around Nectar Falls is home to three historic covered bridges, namely the tiny little Old Easley, the Swann, which is longest surviving covered bridge in Alabama, and Horton's Mills, which is the highest covered bridge over a river in the United States. 16138 AL-160, Cleveland, AL 3504 Lying in the northern part of the U.S. state of Georgia, sprawled out among the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains for 26 miles, 75 meters (258 feet) deep at its deepest point and with an area of 150 km2 (59 square miles) of water and 1,114 km (692 miles) of shoreline, is Lake Sidney Lanier, commonly referred to as simply Lake Lanier Haunted Alabama. Elizabeth Hollon was sitting in the Marbury High School library one fall afternoon in 1966 when she heard a shriek of horrific screams coming from nowhere. She jumped out of her chair to find out where the screams were coming from. Word quickly spread that there had been an accident on the football field, and someone was. High jinx: New Portuguese bridge not for the faint-hearted. People walk across a narrow footbridge suspended across a river canyon, which claims to be the world's longest pedestrian bridge, in Arouca, northern Portugal, Sunday, May 2, 2021. The Arouca Bridge inaugurated Sunday, offers a half-kilometer (almost 1,700-foot) walk across its span.

The official website of the Alabama Department of Insurance Horton House - Pine Ridge ,Alabama The Horton House is an abandoned house located on the outskirts of Fort Payne in a small town known as Pine Ridge. The house is the site of a vicious murder, where a father went insane and mutilated his wife and his three children, and committed suicide shortly after Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have spectacular accommodations and rentals, award-winning restaurants, and amazing events. Our paradise is brimming with Southern hospitality, featuring one-of-a-kind attractions like championship golf, nature trails, water sports, and amusement parks (like the well known Waterville USA) The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, which China claims to be the world's longest, is now open. But it takes more than length to make a great bridge: Advances in design software and construction materials. The meaning of London Bridge Is Falling Down? has long been debated by historians and other experts. Like many popular children's stories, there are some darker meanings that lurk underneath the song's surface.. However, the most commonly accepted origin story for the rhyme is that of the London Bridge actually falling down in 1014 — because Viking leader Olaf Haraldsson allegedly.

But be warned: Our list of lesser-known and scary urban legends by state might have you checking your own backyard. Some urban myths and legends veer toward the ridiculous and silly, while some are terrifying and true, or close to it. These are some of the scariest urban legends in every state, some based on real stories Take Memorial Parkway (Huntsville AL) south until you get to highway 36 (about ten miles south of the TN river bridge) take a right on 36 and follow that untill Cotaco Florette RD, where you will go left. CF RD is at a little intersection right by Cotaco middle school and some gas stations. Follow C.F. road until you come to AL-67 2510 Kirby Bridge Rd , Decatur, AL 35603-3806 is a single-family home listed for-sale at $2,099,041. The 3,614 sq. ft. home is a 3 bed, 3.0 bath property. Find 31 photos of the 2510 Kirby Bridge Rd home on Zillow. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. MLS # 112104 The Twin Bridges Trail is only a mile long, but offers a tranquil journey through part of Gulf State Park in southern Alabama. At its northern end, it connects to the 3-mile Gulf Oak Ridge Trail and,..

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From haunted forests with high-pitched screams echoing through the trees to the tragic site of hundreds of deaths, these sites are not for the faint of heart. (after the Golden Gate Bridge. 10 Most Insanely Haunted Places to Visit in Jacksonville. Table of Contents [ Show Table of Contents] 1 10) Ginger's Place. 2 9) Evergreen Cemetery. 3 8) Kingsley Plantation - St. George Island. 4 7) TacoLu. 5 6) Riverside House. 6 5) Annie Lytle School - Riverside In 1946 the site was turned over to the State of Alabama as a historic site. The grounds offer more than just history, the site also has nature areas, a boat launch, picnic area, and beaches for visitors to enjoy. Whatever your reason for visiting, make sure Fort Morgan State Historic Site is a part of your visit to Alabama's beautiful Gulf Coast

Change Theatre. Theatre Information & Map. 370 The Bridge Street, Huntsville AL 35806. 256-327-8340. 1131@cinemark.com. Warning Top 10 most famous bridges in the USA. While there are thousands of bridges in the United States of different sizes, some are more famous than others. Here are the most famous within the country as well as everything you need to know about them The Florida Highway Patrol closed the Interstate 10 bridge between Escambia and Santa Rosa counties for about two hours late Saturday morning due to high wind, and many neighborhoods and official. The Zombie Road or the Al Foster Trail as it is called officially is located in the southwest suburbs of Saint-Louis (Missouri) about 30 minutes drive from the city. In order to get there, you should take the 50 Highway (or Interstate 44). Then, take the 109 to Wildwood and follow the Al Foster Trail direction So let's have a look at the best things to do in Huntsville, Alabama! 1. Twickenham Historic District. Source: trekboers. Twickenham Historic District. Take in the sights and explore some of Alabama's most beautiful architecture in the State's largest antebellum district. Be sure to take in the Weeden House Museum

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People living in Kingsport have heard the stories about one of the most haunted locations in East Tennessee, the Sensabaugh Tunnel. Any place that has been around since the 1920s and is apparently the sight of a mass murder is sure to be the sight of paranormal activity Oct 21, 2017 - Explore Brent Weldon's board history on Pinterest. See more ideas about history, civil war alabama, haunted history More than 500 NJ bridges are in poor condition or worse, report says. These are the busiest. Despite a slight improvement over the years, New Jersey still has some of the worst bridges in the.